Mechanical Services
We undertake the full range of mechanical repairs and the general servicing needs of your vehicle. This includes mechanical rebuilds for cars built between 1914 and today.

We specialise in the Dodge Phoenix as well as the Chrysler/Mopar family of the 1950’s. We know these cars, and are able to locate the required parts for the rebuild.

Our Engine Rebuilding Service

Dodge & Plymouth Parts Australia not only sell and service cars and engines, but provide a full engine rebuilding service. With our large range of stock from 1914 to present day, access to a world wide supply line and the experience, workmanship and knowledge of John and Ross at M&W Engine Services, we are more than qualified to do your rebuild for you. We are also happy to discuss your special requirements weither it be a vintage rebuild or a highly modified race engine. When considering who will perform the special art of engineering your engine to new standards or even better, you should give attention to the points that we do.


Professional Assessment of the duty your engine is to perform
The use of the best parts at relistic pricing
Special care and attention throughout the process of the rebuild
Upto a 2 Year Warranty
The availabilty of an in-house engine dynamometer, giving a huge rangeof performance data on your engine. Ideal for testing and development of performance and race engines.

Your first contact should be

Jim Robinson