a1Dodge and Plymouth Parts Australia started back in 1986, not just by accident, but REALLY by accident. Leanne and I wanted a big American car and we looked at plenty of cars before we bought our 1971 Dodge Phoenix Pillarless Hardtop. There were only 400 of these cars ever made.

Travelling home to Geelong where we lived at the time, we were involved in a 5 car pile up on the freeway. The car was at the panel beaters for three months and nothing was being done as they couldn’t get the parts required to fix it.

We bought another car in poor condition just to get the parts needed to repair ours. When the car was back on the road again, I advertised the leftover parts for sale as I couldn’t keep them in my small back yard.

Another source of Parts The phone kept ringing for months after I ran the ad. I bought another rusted car and supplied many people who were restoring Dodge cars. As this process was often repeated, we stored the cars on my father’s farm.

a2After moving to Ballan we set up business in a large shed on the Industrial Estate. This provides storage and work space for the cars I am working on. We now have a large range of parts and can help you to find those parts you need to complete your project.

As always I’m always looking for a better solution to life’s problems. Leanne and the girls got involved in horses and yes we needed somewhere for them to go, so we grazed the horses on another property. By now we had 3 properties and I thought it best to have it all on one. The home, the horses and the business all in one location on one large property. I also had a desire to go farming. I was born to farm life and enjoyed growing up at Clunes in central Victoria. We decided to sell up all the property at Ballan and move to Clunes to live and do business. As our business is 90% pack and freight it was not seen as a bad move for business anyway. We purchased 30 acres at 130 Beckworth court road, Clunes. Extended the house on the property, built a new workshop and continued business. We are still here and going strong. You can Google us: 130 Beckworth court road, Clunes, Victoria.

We settled here and started to collect more cars to parts out or restore. Life was good. Then after being here for about 7 years we were contacted by the council and ordered to remove the cars. Now these cars we had were not visible from any public road. They were about 800mtrs from any road and surrounded by bush on 3 sides in a hollow. Out of sight, out of mind is what I thought. The neighbours knew they were there as they saw us bring them in and take them out and I did ask them if they were a problem and they all said no. Now our nearest neighbours are 500meters away and the others are even further.

The council gave us 28 days to get rid of all the cars, so we brought them to the workshop and stripped as much off them as we could in that time. The rest ended up as scrap metal. All that history, all those spare parts gone for ever. If someone wanted to know how parts fitted together I could just go and have a look, if I did not already know. Well that is over with now and we are forced to concentrate on new parts. We now buy wholesale from America and other places overseas. We also commission buy parts for you. This is reserved for large costly items, e.g. engines, bonnets, and so on. We find the part you need, ship it to Australia and deliver it to you. The cost to you is simple. You pay the cost of the part from America, the shipping to Australia, customs if any, and postage to you. We do charge you 15% on top of this for our time and effort in buying and arranging shipping.

Well things never stay still around here. After trying to move the workshop into a bigger building in Clunes and finding the local council not being open to someone like us dealing in historical vehicles, doing business in Clunes we have moved the workshop and parts business to Maryborough, which is about 30Kms up the road from Clunes.

Our new address is. 18 Johnson street, maryborough, vic

Best to phone me for more information on this phone: (03) 54 614619